giovedì 27 aprile 2017

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

[DB]Poses - "breathe"

Him Clothes:
A&D Clothing: A&D Vest & Shirt -Hugh-
(Bodymesh Friendly for Slink, TMP, Signature and Adam)

Her Dress: 
[NyDesign] - Art Deco Dress - Rose 
(Ebody - Maitreya - Belleza - Slink - classic Avatar)
Esclusive @ The Grab Event (open 28 April)

Her Makeup:
V/S Design Natural lipsticks - Omega hud
Esclusive @ The Grab Event (open 28 April)

Outdoor furniture:
REFLEX vintage fountain with water
REFLEX vintage bench
REFLEX Street clock rusty
Esclusive @ The Grab Event (open 28 April)

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