Paint your life and play your games.. a Madpea games.

Paint your life and play your games...
.::CDC - Hud Beard 145 Tintable
avalaible for Catwa, Signature @Omega.
Exclusive @ *The Men Jail Event* (open 8th january)
Lush - Fuck Off Tattoo
Appliers for Signature, omega,catwa, belleza, slink, maitreya,
normal, faded & light tones.
Exclusive @ *The Men Jail Event*

Cubura - Denis TankTop
For Belleza, Signature, V-Tech & Maitreya.
Change colors hud included.

MadPea MadChat - Fears, Fetishes & Fantasies
MadPea MadChat - Have You Ever...
MadPea MadChat - Step Back In TIme
3 chat games created by MadPea
perfect for parties, to use at clubs or events,
or just when hanging out with friends at home.
Each game is simple - rez the MadChat card box and take it in turns
to click for a random question.
Before you know it you will be deep in conversation
and learning more about each other with every turn.
Step Back in Time is free for group members and the two others are for sale in store.

KraftWork -The Shred Flat
Exclusive creation for Builder's box.
Pre-order your Builder's box @ *KraftWork Mainstore Terminal*


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