This wild darkness

This wild darkness
GOOSE - Dreaming on the rocks
Comes in PG and ADULT version and haves a 14LI land impact.
PG - 62 single animations - 62 sync couple animations
ADULT + 32 sync ADULT animations.
Exclusive for Cosmopolitan

.:Tm:.Creation - GP10 Mixed Shrub & Stone ivy
~Shrub Flowers GP10.1 Prim count: 1 (LI)
~Shrub green GP10.2 Prim count: 1 (LI)
~Shrub Bush GP10.3 Prim count: 2 (LI)
~Stone Ivy Flowers GP10 Prim count: 4 (LI)
(you can unlink the purple flowers and use them as you wish)
The pieces is 100% mesh.

Simply Shelby -Willow Tree Arbor

cinphul // specimen + crummy
specimen is a set of decor and crummy is a set of crummy tables/display stands.
Sold @ Cosmopolitan 249 L$ each set.

Little Branch – LB Catalpa tree
Animated  and 4Seasons.
The  Little Branch 4 Seasons trees all come with a menu
to select between spring, summer, autumn and winter.
LB wild grass dry animated


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