Catch the doves

Catch the doves
Raindale - Daybreak Gazebo
There are 2 versions included: with and without string lights,
land impact 26-30.
Materials enabled 
copy, modify, no-transfer

Raindale - Brightshore gacha
There are 9 prizes to win
(8 commons and Rare Cabana) 
Everything is no-copy, modify, transfer (some objects show as no-mod due to the scripts inside)
Rare Cabana: 25Li, footprint is about 7x5
You can mix&match 8 colors for walls, roof, floor and stairs +tint white wood and windows frames

.:Tm:.Creation - Swing with Me wooden porch Sw1
Available in PG or Adult version
Swing with Me: wooden porch (swinging motion on/off button located in poses menu ) with single and couple animations. No Poseball - No static poses - Scene Sequence play up to 8 mins of scene (looping x each)-Bento animations included
Prim count: 9 (LI)
Wooden Frame with flowers Prim count: 6 (LI)
You can decide to use only the swing or use it together with the frame, and/or remove the flowers
*Extra x Decors: Ground cover yellow flowers: Prim count: 2 (LI)

Little Branch – LB_FloweringDogwood.v2
*Sense* Event Exclusive
Animated  and 4Seasons.
The  Little Branch 4 Seasons trees all come with a menu
to select between spring, summer, autumn and winter.

TLC - Forever My Dove

PACK - Calla Lilies
 Callas come in 12 solid colors available in single packs.
In the fatpack there's an additional 10 ombre colors plus a special customize HUD that'll allow you to create a personalized bouquet.
Every pack allows you to change the pot color and includes a planted and potted version.
Plants are 2LI each, though scaling will alter that.


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