Psychotic midnight rider

Psychotic midnight rider
Fcuk - Hungry blade
3 male bento poses with blade.

Altamura: Max Bento Fullbody

Legal Insanity -  Oliver tshirts
Avalaible for Aesthetic, Belleza,& Signature 

Millo Copperfield - Casual Blue Jeans Shorts
5 colours avalaible for Signature @ Belleza mesh bodies.
Exclusive @

[sau] - Karura
Materials enabled.Projection lighting enabled.
8 Themes, 10 pre-rendered colors, 8 frame paints. Custom paint job template available.
Full seamless custom made animation sets.
2 custom made sound sets.
Physic shell,Low-lag,Low-graphic ram usage,High quality
  Camera settings - Lifetime updates
   Resizable and all animation positions are adjustable.
   Lockable - Passenger seat script.
-Bonus items: Garage kit vol.1, Short Combat boots, Pickup truck.

Newphe - The Street and Club Entrance Backdrop


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