A look at the sky

When i look to the sky
Kokoro Poses - Asuma
5 male bento poses set + bonus pose and mirror version with the fatpack.

Modulus - Cooper hair
Alpha hair next gen mesh.
5 colors hud  options or 40 colors fatpack .
Integrated tinting huds also included.

= REBELLION =  Kingston Aviators
Include hud change color for frame and lens.
Exclusive @ * Men Only Monthly*

DAPPA - Shindeiru Tattoo
Faded and Fresh tones.
Avalaible appliers for Maitreya, Signature, Belleza, Slink @ Omega.

HEVO - Poler Distressed Shorts
100% original fitted mesh 5 Denim and 4 Belt Colors with auto hides & hud with Fatpack
Compatible: Signature Gianni / Belleza Jake.

HEVO - Royal Tourbillon Watch
100% original fitted mesh 5 metal and 5 Band Colors, hud with Fatpack
Compatible with any mesh body.

Furniture @ Decor:
ionic - Coworking
13 pieces gacha set with 2 rare and 13 commons.

[sau]Lamb II[MOD] + [sau]Lamb II
 18 Paint jobs ! included 11 colors and 6 themes, All in One!
MOD and regular version are included together.
Custom paint job template available.
 Materials enabled, camera settings, lifetime updates.
.Full seamless custom made animation sets. 
2 custom made sound sets. 
Physic shell,Low-lag,Low-graphic ram usage,High quality
   Resizable and all animation positions are adjustable.
   Lockable Passenger seat script.
Bonus items: Garage kit vol.1, Short Combat boots, Pickup truck


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