Snowy sidewalks

Snowy sidewalks
DaD - Glass House
Now with the snow add on.
DaD - Vintage Sled
The Vintage Sled is a decor item that comes packed with single, friends, couple and adult animations.
Now at uber (Nov. 25th thru Dec. 22nd)
DaD Mainstore

GOOSE - Snowy sidewalks
100% original mesh.
Now @ Tannenbaum

Little Branch - LB Zelkova SerrataTree
Animated and 4Seasons.
The Little Branch 4 Seasons trees all come with a menu 
to select between spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Now at uber

Refuge - Christmas sleigh
The sleigh is my normal release for Tannenbaun.
The sleigh counts down the days until Christmas beginning on November 1st of each year.
Refuge - Christmas decor trees

.peaches. - Sweet spring swing v2
100% original mesh.
Pg and aadult versions.
2 colors options ( Light and dark).

Rezz Room - Labrador retriever
Menu with collar in 10 colors.
menu with 7 static animations.
Wearable and rezzable.


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